The Process

Before starting on the job of exploring the Internet sites you might like to find a classmate to work with you.  It might be an idea to choose someone you have not worked with before, you might be surprised by how well you work together.  Once you have sorted out who you are going to work with, then reach for your sketch book .  You may want to print off the following worksheets and stick them in your sketchbook.  The worksheets Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2  are here to help you analyse the ideas you come across and to make decisions about your ideas.  You could use them when you are talking through your plans with your teacher.

Now for the Internet sites.     


Masks of India      Some of this headwear is brilliant, and so is the face painting.

Masks of India 2   This example is superb

Masks of India 3     Another good example

Notting Hill Carnival 1 
Notting Hill Carnival 2
Notting Hill Carnival 3
Notting Hill Carnival 4

These are a collection of photographs from the Notting Hill Carnival which should give you lots of - - - - - - - -

Masks from Venice     An old tradition brought back to life.

Balinese Masks    You would not want to meet these on a dark night!

African Tribal Masks   These are terrific - click for more examples and a bigger picture.

Animal Masks 1  These Animal Masks were made by pupils from Dingleside Middle School Redditch.  They were made from papier mâché and were used in a dance drama production.

Animal Masks 2

Animal Masks 3  

Don't forget books, magazines and encyclopaedias.  They are still useful resources, especially if the computer breaks down!!