As you explore all the Internet sites and digital photographs think about the following;-

Make notes and quick sketches in your sketchbook as ideas occur to you.


  • Which design suits the material you are going to use?

  • Is the shape that you have in mind suitable for clay, pāpier maché, cane, woven card, wire etc?

  • If you want to decorate the container, is the shape that you have chosen suitable.

Here are the sites for you to explore;

Potters   This is a smashing site containing all the well known potters in the UK.  Click on some of them for some good ideas.  If you have time explore some of the other names.

Inca Pottery   Here are some pots with a difference - very different shapes and lots of unique decoration.

Famous Potters from the past    A browse through this site might give you ideas for decoration.

Woven containers    If you are interested in weaving your container, this site has some interesting shapes and information.  Alternatively, you may just want to copy some aspects of the shape.

Hopi Indian Design   This site has some brilliant designs for decoration which would be ideal for bowls.

Greek Pots    Here is a selection of interestingly shaped pots with designs of animals, birds and scenes.

Pāpier Maché Pots    This is a selection of digital images of pāpier maché pots made by Middle School children, based on Clarice Cliff designs.  They might give you some ideas on how to make simple pots using pop bottles and margarine containers.

Greek Urn Design    Made out of card and covered with layers of Pāpier Maché

Fish Container    Using a plastic fruit bowl as a starting point and adding layers of pāpier maché, the shape was decorated by collage techniques in the style of the Australian Aborigines.

Rainforest Pots    These pots were made by Middle School pupils and were based on plants of the rainforest, hence the twining vines and paper orchid shapes.

Orchid Pot    This is a detailed photograph of one of the above pots.