The Task

How good are you at 'finding out' about things that are around you?

This is your chance to show your teacher what a good chair detective you are. (Chairlock Holmes perhaps - ho ho)

Your job is to study all the sites given in this WebQuest and use them to help you design a model of a chair. It sounds easy, but you will need to look very closely at a lot of chair designs.

Talk your ideas through with a friend and share suggestions for your own design.

At the end you could take some digital pictures of your finished work.

Have your sketch book at the ready for this task. This WebQuest will take you through clip art, photographs and pictures from Internet sites.  It will also take you into museums to show you some chairs from other countries and other times.  Don't forget that books and magazines are good places to get ideas, and keep looking around you.  Mum knows a lot more than you give her credit for, and Gran could probably write a book!


Keep in mind precisely what you are looking for.
It is very easy to let yourself get sidetracked. So many things on the Web are really interesting - but do try to keep on track.

You are looking for ideas on a chair design that you would like to make into a model.





Chair ideas