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This WebQuest has been designed  to make it easy for teachers and pupils to obtain relevant resources and ideas for this particular unit.  The Internet can provide a wealth of pictures, photographs and clipart which give the children access to resources which would be almost impossible to provide in a normal classroom situation.

The idea behind this Webquest is to save teachers time and effort by providing a ready made resource package which the children can then explore to select and refine ideas for their own chair design.  The Quest's main purpose is to encourage pupils to research thoroughly and make notes in their sketchbooks.  The notes will then provide them with knowledge and ideas they can restructure when planning their model of a chair.

From this point forward the development is left entirely to the teacher, but please remember - this approach can give back "ownership" of the learning process to the child, and there are few more powerful motivators.

Credits & References

A brilliant book - Chairs, by Charlotte and Peter Fiell. Published by Taschen
ISBN 3-8228-5507-3

Most of the images used in this WebQuest were found on various Internet sites. We are not aware of having infringed anybody's copyright, but please inform us if we have and the offending item will be removed from the site.

Microsoft Clipart provided some other images, and others from "100,000 Web Graphics" with the kind permission of Messrs. Focus, the authors.

Thanks to Dave for doing the technical bits and checking it all for typing errors - his fault if there are still some there!

Adapted for the UK Curriculum by Jane Finch, Teacher Adviser (ICT) Worcestershire County Council.
Based on a template from The WebQuest Page






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