The Process

As you explore all the clip art and photographs
think about the following;

Make notes and quick sketches


  • Which (if any) of these chairs would you really like to model?

  • Think about how you are going to make it, will it be easy or difficult?

  • What material could you use which is easy to find and get hold of?

  • Do you fancy decorating it, is it possible, or are the arms and legs too thin?

  • Have you thought about it's size?

Here are the sites

Enjoy the exploration . . . .

1. Chair ideas    This file contains loads of different chairs, stools, loungers etc..  You should find something here to help you with design, and some of them are simple line drawings which may help if you are having problems getting started.

2. Internet sites    This is the place to find interesting shapes and patterns for decoration.
African Chairs A brilliant site for African chairs and stools.
Egyptian Designs Egyptian museum site - scroll down to find "Throne" and "A simpler throne-chair" (Lots other interesting stuff as well as chairs. Worth making a note of the URL for future reference?)
An Asian Throne  How about this fabulous throne, some good ideas here.
Hickory Chairs Interesting site, but you will need to search around for the good bits. Designs based on early American chairs made from Hickory wood.

3. Seats out of doors

Some interesting designs made of willow here.

Willow Chair   Here is an example of a home made willow chair. Could you improve on the design?

Willow Chair 2   Another willow design worth looking at - these are said to be extremely comfortable.

More Willow Chairs  There are some really nice designs here. Click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture.

From here on you will be working under the guidance of your teacher, who may have selected certain materials for you to use. The success of the "making" stage will depend on how well you did the WebQuest task.  So here is hoping....

Don't forget to include some digital photographs at the end along with your sketchbook. That will give your teacher a good idea of how well you worked.




Chair ideas