There is a wealth of written material describing the educational value of WebQuests. The links below take you to some of the more interesting materials:

Why WebQuests?

Some Thoughts About WebQuests

...the early 1995 paper that started it all. A version of this was published in The Distance Educator edited by Fred Saba.

An introduction

This paper explodes some myths about the
internet as a learning resource and then goes
on to explore the use of WebQuests to develop
thinking skills and cooperative learning. 

How to Develop Web-based Lessons

A useful set of links and resources designed to encourage the production of web based lessons. There is also an interesting Powerpoint presentation which covers various aspects of web project development.

Why Use WebQuests?

The purpose of this page is to provide links to theories and thoughts supporting the use of WebQuests. A useful set of documents designed to support the WebQuest concept. http://my.ais.net/~rlevine/whywebquest.htm

A WebQuest About Building WebQuests

Helping your students mine the 'net, not surf! Follow this WebQuest to learn how they are constructed and used. At the same time you will find how to develop your own WebQuest.